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CR to Roll Out its Retrofitted local Soon

mum-retrofitThe Central Railway (CR) will introduce its first retrofitted local train in a day or two.  The rake is undergoing test runs at present.

Painted the same colour as the new generation Siemen's rake, the unit as been
converted by the CR engineers to run on direct current (DC) as well as alternating
current (AC).

''You won't be able to differentiate between the retrofitted locals and the new age
rakes as everything, right from the under frame to the stainless steel partitions, flooring, will be the same,'' a CR official said.

If the rakes were not redone then they would have to be scrapped as the CR is switching from DC to AC traction. The total cost is between two to three crore. The
work was carried out at the Kurla EMU car shed. ''The major work was changing the
transformer and rectifier circuits,'' an official said.

CR's chief PRO V A Malegaonkar said that they would every month roll out one
retrofitted rake.

The Western Railway (WR) introduced its first retrofitted local in 2002. At present
they have eight to ten such trains.

In a day or two, Central Railway (CR) will introduce its first  local train on its mainline. The rake is under going test runs presently.  Retrofitment means that a train which runs on direct current will be made ac-dc traction compatible. Its interiors will also be revamped to match the new age locals.

A fresh coat of paint to resemble the new Siemens-MRVC locals is also a part of the plan.

"You won't be able to differentiate the retrofitted locals from the new age rakes as everything right from the under frame to the stainless steel partitions, electrics, grab handles and flooring would be changes," said a CR official. On Western Railway, the first retrofitted local was introduced in 2002. Presently they have 8-10 such trains.

CR has a sanction to redo 10 nine-car trains. "The first unit (3 coaches) was ready in December while the next two units were ready by February end. The first train took a little longer but it proved that we could get the work done in-house," he said.

If the rakes were not redone they would be have to be scrapped as CR is switching from dc to ac traction. The total cost of giving the face-lift to each rake is  between two and three crores and adds 15 years to the rake life.

Rake which are relatively younger and are around 10-15 years old are chosen. "The major work involved is changing the transformer and the rectifier circuits. This was carried out at Kurla carshed and the design was in-house," said the official. Chief PRO, V A Malegaonkar told TOI that retrofitted rakes will now roll out at a  rate of one per month.

Source: TOI , Mar 5, 2011