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Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is Located in the hill ranges around Borivili, the sprawling Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from the rush and tumble of urban Mumbai.

The best time to visit is between the months of September to March when the heat is no longer fierce and humidity is at its minimum. You will find an interesting mix of vegetation here with moist teak-bearing forest, mangrove scrub, southern moist mixed deciduous forest, and western subtropical hill forests. SanjayGandhi_National_Park
The two lakes, Vihar Lake and Tulsi Lake found here meet part of the city's water requirements. The park has a rich and varied flora and is home to a wide variety of exotic birds and animals.

The park is a birdwatchers paradise. There are over 251 species of birds inhabiting the national park, comprising of both water birds and land birds. One can find migratory birds in peak season as well as a variety of other birds such as woodpeckers, magpies, jungle owlets, hornbills, racket-tailed drongos, minivets, robins, peacock, golden orioles, & sunbirds. If you are lucky, you might catch a Paradise Flycatcher or a kingfisher.
Sanjay Ghandhi National Park
Keep your binoculars on stand by to spot lions and leopards that are the pride of the park. Other major animals found here include Palm civet, Black Naped hare, Hanuman langur, spotted deer, barking deer, mouse deer, hyena, sambhar, Rhesus macaque, Bounet macaque, Indian flying fox and porcupine. The reptilian population comprise of pythons, cobras, monitor lizards, Russell's viper, Bamboo Pit viper and Ceylonese cat snake.

There are several interesting attractions at the park. You might spot a few crocodiles gliding in the waters of the lakes. Children will love the colorful toy train, which winds its way through parts of the forest and showcases the rich biodiversity of the Park.
The sanctuary is especially famed for its lion safari where you can see the magnificent beast up front and in all its glory. Rock climbing enthusiasts will have a field day here with the many rock faces including the Kanheri caves that provide great opportunity for rock climbing. The Kanheri Caves located inside the park dates back 2,400 years. The protected archaeological site has caves that were sculpted out of the rocky cliffs by its Buddhist residents. Trekkers will love to go on nature walks and treks along the many nature trails of the park. Boating facility is available at the recreation zone. With 2 million (approx) visitors every year, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is perhaps the most visited national park in the Asia.