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Ad Land India

Advertising has come of age today. There was a time when people would rush to the cinema halls only to make sure they didn't miss the Liril girl in the water fall. Today, there are many such ads which are brought to you right at home with "vanishing" effects through satellite channels.

Back then, advertising was a new phenomenon and today it's a brand phenomenon. It's purpose is not just attention but action, a look at the pepsodent ad campaign gives us a good picture of consumer insight leading to product preference.

From a field that was attempted by a few, it's budding with Engineers, Architects, Doctors etc. ..It's no longer a field of Artworks and Words; it's a profession of ideas and to make it sound better it is a passion for ideas --that's how the ad world likes to hear it.

Today we have advertisements of international standards making it to the awards at the prestigious Cannes International awards.

Music has been a vital spice in our ads which has been used to perfection from companies like Bajaj, Godrej and Hero Honda.

Today you don't see the common man/woman promoting brands like the good old "lalita ji" did, instead we can see Sports stars and Movie stars endorsing them. So much for Brand positioning.

International touch to advertising hasn't got the juice anymore. Go rural is the punch line, that's why Coke matlab "Thanda" is a hit funda.

Indianisation of ads is taking place rapidly and for the good.Finally, something that we can relate to.

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