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 CONMIX Ltd - ready-mix concrete; pre-mixed plasters   

CONMIX Limited is a Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)-based company which manufactures ready-mixed concrete and pre-mixed plaster. These pre-mixed products are manufactured in technical collaboration with M/s Karl Epple GmbH & Co. KG-Stuttgart-Germany. In Mumbai, CONMIX Limited has established a sales office, CONMIX (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED, to market their products in the western region of India.

The company's products include :

Gypsum Lime Plaster (GLP 1A): A premixed plaster for use on internal walls and ceilings of rooms where normal humidity prevails. It combines ease of application with a smooth and aesthetic finish.
Insulation Plaster (IPC): Cement based insulation plaster for internal orexternal thermal insulation of walls and tanks.
Acoustic Plaster (APP): Decorative acoustic spray plaster to apply internally on ceilings. Consists of expanded perlite and mineral binders and should be applied with spray technique to achieve a stucco like finish, which acts as a surface absorber of sound waves.
Tile Adhesive or Grout: Waterproof cement based tile glue for thin-bed-fixing of ceramic tiles and marble plates on wall and floor. Excellent adhesion, long opening time and good workability ensures the fixing of even heavy tiles. Grouts are available in variety of colours and three different sizes.

Decorative Plaster

SP 1: Decorative mineral textured finishing plaster, available in a variety of colours.
SP 2: Decorative mineral textured finishing plaster, available in a variety of colours.
SP 3: Decorative mineral textured finishing plaster, available in a variety of colours. Different applications possible using a spray-gun or trowels to obtain a range of attractive finishes, external and internal use.
SP 20/STUCCO: Decorative mineral textured finishing plaster, available in a variety of colours. Classical spray finish applied by spray-gun or tyrolean machine. Thickness as required or as specified.
Glitterlite: This is a decorative coating for internal and external use, giving a sparkling effect to incorporated glass and marble chips. These aggregates remain exposed on the surface by using a special application technique. The ultimate coat for an impressive appearance and high weather resistance.
Scratch Coat: Pre-mixed pigmented single coat material for internal and external use, that can be applied on the block work or keyed concrete. Available in three exciting textures, scratch coat can be matched to a variety of colours to suit customer requirements.

Alex Oommen, Sales Manager, CONMIX Limited in Mumbai, claims that the products are scientifically manufactured and suit the climatic conditions in Mumbai. "The plasters are high weather resistant and some act as surface absorbers of sound waves. The tile adhesive (grout), which are available in a variety of colours and three different sizes, is effective for thin-bed fixing of ceramic tiles, marbles plates and heavy tiles on wall and floor. There are also plasters that are decorative and have a mineral textured finish. Some of the plasters like the scratch coat can be matched to a variety of colours to cater to customer requirements. These products can be used in homes, industries and commercial places, including thermal insulation of walls and tanks,'' said Oommen.


Tel: 5314155/5544122 Fax: 5314322/5544172,

CONMIX (India) Private Limited Flat No. 602, A-Wing, Glen Gate, Hiranandani Gardens, Near Lake Castle, Powai, Mumbai- 400 076.
Telephone: (022) 5766522
Telefax: (022) 5766442.

By: Mani D'mello

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