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 GGBS from Indorama Cement Ltd.    

Ground Granulated Blast Furnance Slag (GGBS) from Indorama Cement Limited is granulated blast furnace slag, ground to very high fineness. Granulated blast furnance slag is obtained during the manufacturing process of pig iron in a blast furnance. When the molten slag at 1400-1500 degree centigrade is tapped and subjected to a special process of quenching it, forms granules which is called granulated slag.

This slag when ground to a very high fitness is called Ground Granulated Blast Furnance Slag. GGBS when used along with OPC in concrete or mortar mix imparts unique properties to obtain very strong and durable concrete and mortar mix. ``At Indorama, we have installed the most modern Vertical Roller Mill from UBE Japan to grind slag to very high fineness (upto 4500cm2/gm) while maintaining uniform particle size distribution. This enables us to supply you truly world class GGBS. The advantages of using GGBS are, there is reduced heat of hydration and hence there are no thermal cracks, improved workability, improved resistance to chloride ingress, protection from sulphate attacks, protection from Alkali-Aggregate reaction, prevention of corrosion of rei0nforcing steel, impermeability and improved long term strength", says R K Maheshwari, Senior Vice-President (Works) of Indorama Cement Limited.

``Due to these advantages, GGBS imparts much needed durability to the concrete or mortar. It comes in handy for all types of constructions in coastal areas. It is also an ideal material for use in high grades of concrete, where use of cement replacement materials is required to control the danger of shrinkage cracks as well as thermal cracks. Hence it is also called a Performance Enhancing Compound. GGBS reacts with excess Ca(OH)2 present in concrete/ mortar to produce extra C-S-H gel. This gel imparts various properties to concrete/ mortar making it durable,'' claims R K Maheshwari, Senior Vice-President (Works) of Indorama Cement Limited.

Application of GGBS:

* Ideal for use in all grades of concrete. For use in residential, commercial as well as industrial structures, especially in coastal areas.
* Mortar for plastering in residential, comercial as well as industrial structures in coastal areas.
* Foundations of residential, commercial as well as industrial structures where sulphates and chlorides are high.
* Infrastructure projects where high strength and high performance concrete is required.

* Marine constructions like ports, harbours, and jetties.
* Bridges and fly-overs, Roads and pathways.
* Dams and other mass concrete works.
* Concrete products for shore protection.
* Water treatment plants and water retaining strong structures.
* Effulent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants.
* Cement based products like tiles, pipes

Mumbaika Commando Special Portland Cement, manufactured by Indorama Cement Limited is used in concretising a surface. It gives the surface a smooth and crack free look. Other properties are also immune to chemical reactions, load bearing capacity is high, all-weather sustainability and time defying durabilities.

"Mumbaika Commando has a unique Performance enhancing compound which works wonders. It ensures continued hydration that produces extra C-S-H gel which makes the concrete, compact, stronger and impermeable. This higher impermeability of concrete lends it better immunity from chemical attacks and helps it weather effortlessly for longer periods of time. Not only that, but the presence of a performance enhancing compound strengthens the concrete with time and improves its load bearing capacity,'' said Maheshwari.

Mumbaika Commando Special Portland Cement is also used in plastering. ``Like a well trained Commando,a plastering coat of Commando is truly tough and able to sustain ambient saline weather hazards of coastal areas. Of course, it is savvy enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Commando spreads evenly, sets firmly and protects structure against leaks even in torrential rains... year after year. Easy to mix, mortars made from Commando behave magically in the hands of masons, both seasoned and begginers,'' claims Maheshwari.

Contact :

Indorama Cement Ltd, 207, Vardharaman Chambers, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400 705
Tel : 789 6004-07 Ext 230
Fax :
789 6020
e-mail :

By: Mani D'mello

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