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CFZ' tryst with corruption
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  CFZ's tryst with corruption 

Corruption Free Zone is a voluntary declaration and self-regulation of corruption free environment and conduct by companies and individuals who believe, support and want a honest and corruption free work environment.Under this program, they will urge individuals and companies to voluntarily declare themselves as a Corruption Free Zone and pledge to the basic standard of Corruption Free Zone i.e. not to take bribe from anyone ever.They believe that if there is no one to take a bribe, no one will or can give. The belief is similar in nature to what the Supreme Court of India noted w r t the JMM bribery case. Ambassadors can at their will adopt stricter standards in addition to the basic standard of Corruption Free Zone.

With, Nationwide 5-point mass communication plan, Corruption Free Zone will inspire, motivate and bring to the notice of Indians individuals amongst them who stood up against testing periods in their life and have come out shining. Self-confidence, self-respect, conscience, courage and honesty - all will be communicated by leading celebrities and personalities using print and audiovisual mediums. The goal and the idea is to have a collective and meaningful show of opinion and solidarity and at the same time provide constructive motivation to channel and streamline thoughts and resultant individual action. The goal is to have a conscientious society; India that dislikes, disfavors and condemns corruption as a stigma, the goal is to have a corruption free India.

The pledge so taken is documented and visually reinforced. The documentation is displayed on the company website and any other place thought appropriate by the company. The visual reinforcement is done using the Corruption Free Zone emblem. The visual reinforcement is done by all methods possible to strengthen self-resolve & remind visitors of moral behavior and conduct.

Founded by Corruption Free Zone is founded by Amit Malik, Seren, Strategist and Consultant by occupation. It has been started as he did not see any positive action taken by anyone even after the dramatic tehelka expos/ investigations. If the government can have SEZ (Special Economic Zones for businesses and industries) they should also think of implementing Corruption Free Zones. Thats of course an ideal state that we would like to achieve. For practical purposes and as a beginning it will be an individual or company declaring themselves as a Corruption Free Zone not ever accept a bribe from the day of such declaration. Like many other vices, corruption will be eradicated only if it becomes a social stigma. A honest country is a society that disregards corrupt behavior. It is an effort to make corruption a social infamy by show of collective opinion and solidarity against corruption by individuals who want a corruption free environment to work and live," says Amit.

The group will find out which city has the most honest and socially responsible people in India. Corruption Free Zone is an effort to make corruption socially unacceptable. It is an effort to make corruption a social infamy by show of collective opinion and solidarity against corruption by individuals who want a corruption free environment to work and live. It is a non-profit organization, and does not take donations.

Readers can pledge their resolve against corruption and may voice their opinion at