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 Deep Cables   

Having completed fifteen years of operation, Deep Cables and its group of companies is one of the established brands in LT cables, flexible instrumentation, fibre glass & LAN cables, and control & signal cables. Today, Deep Cables has built up a reputation for itself thanks to its commercial foresight and integrity. Deep Cables' flexible wires and cables instrumentation wires are tested at every level of production by experienced engineers. For Deep Cables, quality control is a way of life and not just a necessary practice.

The company's product called Deepcab is used by most of the leading control panel, electrical appliances and instrument manufacturers in the country. From fertilizer plants, petrochemicals industries, power sector, steel plants, chemical factories, Deepcab cables have become one of the reputed cable manufacturers in the local market, and have earned a reputation for quality, reliability and durability. The cables are available at reasonable prices. As per international practices the cables are ISI marked. According to Neel Patel, proprietor of Deep Cables, "High quality standards are inbuilt into every Deepcab product and care is taken to ensure that the cables meet national and international standards . We try to excel through innovations."

Instrumentation cables have a diverse range of applications and Deep Cables has the capability to manufacture cables to meet any stringent specifications. Various sizes of copper conductors are drawn on automated wire drawing machines to exacting standards. Apart from the accepted modes, Deep Cables cater to customer requirements depending upon the application.

Address: Deep Cables, Anand Mangal, Jambli Galli, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400 092
Phone: 898 1861 / 869 3735
Fax: 869 4981

By: Sharmistha Chatterjee

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