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 North-West Switchgear electronic products 

Press-fit plateDeepak Electrical Corporation Ltd presents highly revolutionised North-West Switchgear electrical products like the multi- purpose screwless plates and modules for switching and protection products like single phase motor starters, MCB's for your daily use. Deepak is a 50- year-old organisation and caters to retailers, builders and architects in Mumbai.

Deepak Electrical offers North-West products like:

North-West Switchgear electronic products Press-fit plates which are screwless as compared to other plates which use caps to hide screws. All the modules like switches, sockets etc., can be mounted firmly on a strong steel frame with the help of screws which help to press fit the plate on the steel frame. Wire pressure is borne by a steel frame and the press-fit plate is pressure-free. The steel frame also gives a firm support to the Single phase motor startersockets while inserting or removing the plugs. The screwless plates possess an interlocking saw tooth mechanism. The plate can also be removed by inserting a screwdriver in the notches provided on its lower edge. The screwless plates help in process wiring with the fixation of modules on the steel frames. Front plates can be press fit after the completion of construction work, as it prevents the plates from getting soiled.

Tiny TripNorth-west also offers a variety of modules for switching and protection like single phase motor starters and MCB's, which can be mounted with screwless plates. Sockets and Plugs rated upto 25 Amps are designed for air- conditioner, geysers, refrigerator, etc. Single phase motor starter ensures protection from dangerous overloads. It is a reliable alternative to the bulky three phase starters and can be used in air-conditioners, refigerators, washing machines, pumps etc. Tiny Trip is an MCB mounted like a switch with North-West's Modular Series plates or on sunmica sheets. It can be used with individual appliances such as ACs, refrigerators, etc. Deepak's new six position ceiling fan regulator provides five distinctive speeds and is totally hum-free. This step-type regulator has no active electronic component and hence eliminates any room for failure associated with electronic fan regulators.

Six position ceiling fan regulatorBesides the above products, North-West also manufactures halogen lamp fittings and transformers, power units for ACs and pumps and distribution boards which are available in various sizes. Dilip Dharia the managing director of Deepak Electric Corporation Ltd. said, “ We are authorised dealers of innovative domestic switchgear in the country which is manufactured by 'North-West'. Our products are of high quality and ideal for Indian conditions. Almost every household can use our products to their satisfaction”.

Address : Deepak Electric Corporation Ltd.,
#156, Lohar Chawl, Mumbai - 400002.

Tel. : 206 6745, 206 6539, 206 4839, 206 1198.
Fax :

By: Wasim Siddiqui

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