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 McDonald's New Veg Surprise Burger

The New SurpriseVeg Surprise Burger - The latest offering of McDonald's is sure a treat to Mumbai junta's palate, not so much of a surprise though! This, now seems to be a trend with the McDonalds - to go as much desi as they can afford to. One needn't wonder why, because the first rule when you enter Rome, is to speak Roman; and in this case - to go herbivorous! In fact the last three products launched by McDonalds include the Potato Wedges; Lunch at McDonalds between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.. also primarily vegetarian; and the third one was the Veg and Chicken Pizza Puff.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A vegetarian version or the desi McDonalds? It won't be much of a surprise if the next thing they come-up with or launch in India will be "The McJain Burger" without 'kanda and lasun', meant specifically to flatter the Jain community's platter! This is what India does to you see - and they say that foreign companies are invading the market, which they are - but at what cost? Talk of an Identity Crisis...nope, this could be only one of the possibilities...

The other side could be 'the invasion of the new age' - alternative methods of healing, alternative methods of feeling, alternative medicine, alternative astrology, alternative patterns of feeding, which means all meat eaters who follow the latest trends and the most 'in' lifestyles would mean to hog only on vegetarian food; stay-off hard and soft drinks, instead consume only fruit juices! McDonalds too must have fallen trap to this trend it seems. Our coin has a third side to it too!

Mr. Amit Jatia serving the customers from behind the counterWith the major launch of their third consecutive vegetarian product Mc Donalds seems to be falling prey to the competition with the nukkad ka sandwichwalla and the chaat walla, may be the Udipiwallas as well!! But of course their international quality standard cannot be compared to a mere roadside hawker on the innumerable 'khau gallis' of Mumbai! They too come-up every year with newer and much more mysterious products like the "Chinese Cheese Masala Dosa" or the "Usal / Misal Pizza" !! Well this one 'Veg Surprise Burger' is definitely more palatable! Let's cha'a't with Amit Jatia the Managing Director of McDonalds Mumbai to know more about palates and platters and of course about this particular 'Veg Surprise'!

It's the third consecutive time that you are launching a vegetarian product. Any particular reasons.

Amit Jatia: You see here at McDonalds we believe in providing value and quality to all our consumers, by listening to their needs. With the introduction of the "Veg Surprise Burger" we are catering to the Indian palate and providing a wider choice of vegetarian food.

What are the other media that you plan to use for advertising this new product, and what is your budget like?

Amit Jatia: We have a range of ads for television and our annual budget for it ranges from about 17 to 20 crores.

What's so special about the veg surprise, how is it different from the other burgers?

Amit Jatia: Eat it and find out for your self!

This is what transpired between Mumbaibest and Mr. Jatia on the fourth of September, a hungry Tuesday afternoon, when the whole world around me was engrossed in deep contemplation and in the exercise of eating the delicious, mouth-watering "Veg Surprise Burger", when your's faithfully, was among those few Indians who were left salivating....obviously because they were on a fast!! Any way, those on an "only no non-veg" fast will surely benefit from the 'McDonalds' Vegetarian Rule'. Specifically in this land of fasting festivals! Smart thinking hmm...!?!

By: Kamakshi Vyas

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