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 Tamnak Thai - Thai food Restaurant 

'Tamnak Thai'- An authentic Thai experience.

Mr. Arvind Hegde - Proprieter of Tamnak ThaiWhat comes first to your mind, when some one says "Thai"? "It's Chinese ka bhai!" Nop! To me "Thai" is a very delicious word. Umm... it brings tasty memories to my mind! The venue was the newly opened "Tamnak Thai" a Thai food restaurant at Shivaji Park. And the person concerned was Mr. Arvind Hegde the proprietor of the establishment.

This Thai-haven in the midst of Udipis and Chat Corners is a great relief for the thaka-hara, palate of us Mumbaiites. "Though we are not the only Thai restaurant in Mumbai, we are the only one who have a Thai chef." Mr. Hegde the entrepreneur proudly declares. " I was not sure if Italian cuisine would be accepted as readily; Thai food is a far off cousin of Chinese food and people in general would accept it with lesser inhibition." he quips thoughtfully. Thai food is considered one of the world's most delicious.

The Interiors of the restaurantMr. Hedge has been part of the Hotel Industry in Italy for 14 years of his life. This is his family business and so he took it upon himself  to continue the family tradition, but with a difference! He initially aspired to introduce Italian cuisine in India, but the inclusion of pork-which would hurt the sentiments of religious-minded Indians-was the sole reason for his not doing so. His first venture was 'Thai Connections'.

Tamnak Thai's interiors have been entirely designed by Mr. Arvind Hegde himself. The cutlery is made-to-order, the glasses have been imported from the U.S., and the artifacts are also imported from Thailand. "All the ingredients that go into the making of Thai cuisine, are not found in India. We import the best quality food stuffs from Thailand and preserve them in our traditional way so that the authentic taste of Thai food is maintained. They are kept in water and not in the fridge. This is an ancestral technique, which preserves the delicate flavour of the various herbs, spices and grasses and veggies specifically used in Thai Cuisine".

White as SnowChinese food has aji-no-moto and vinegar and different sauces as their basic flavouring ingredients; where-as Thai food is based on preparations of coconut and Thai spices. Noodles are probably a Chinese influence in the Thai cuisine but fish is part of the staple Thai diet. Fish sauce or (nam pla) or shrimp paste (hapee) are a must. "Thai food draws it's inspiration from both Indian and Chinese cuisine, yet it has maintained it's own identity. It has negligible amounts of oil compared to Indian food. In fact Thai food is more delicious and less harmful since it has an amalgamation of many medicinal herbs and roots as it's flavouring ingredients. Lemon grass, tamarind, black pepper, ginger, basil, palm sugar, galangal, cumin, shallots, coconut milk,... to name just a few."

The InteriorsThe ambiance at 'Tamnak Thai' is one of it's kind. "When I went to Hong Kong I specifically chose the best of Thai Music- which includes instrumental and vocal music-to get the feel of the place right. Every detail is to be cared for, if you believe in quality service." Well Mr. Hegde, it definitely shows! When the restaurant was completely made, he was not happy with the way the floor looked or felt, so even though the interiors were done he went in for a complete makeover of the floor. Such are the eccentricities of perfectionists! Quality is one thing which never goes unnoticed and never remains unappreciated.

Adding to the mood of the place are the exquisite paintings. Notice the one which has a King seated on a throne. According to the Thai chef, His Highness is the IXth. King of Thailand; his name being-"Pa Jgo La Jom Loa U." When asked what does the name 'Tamnak' mean, Mr. Hegde pointed out to one of the paintings hanging on the walls, (the one which is placed as the first, above the row of seats) and said, "The curved pointed domes that you can see, are a characteristic feature of Thai architechture, which in the local dialect is called 'Tamnak'; and served the purpose of giving us a unique name."

A peace loving man, Mr. Hegde dreads petty squablles. It would be his worst nightmare to see one at his little Thai abode! The good old Parsee gentleman Mr. Behram Contractor, better known as Buzzybee, during his lifetime, had once visited 'Thai Connections' and graded it , after seeing The Entranceit's kitchen, as 'The cleanest restaurant in Mumbai', in his daily afternoon paper. "Cleanliness has always been one-up on my agenda," says an exited Mr. A Hegde. "I do not tolerate unhygienic conditions and prefer to maintain cleanliness rather than suffer in business or health!"

It was an experience in itself--Thai food with the mesmerising pipes playing folk lore from the highlands of Thailand! The food was not oily, nor was it pungent, it was not full of sauces nor was it calorie full! Thai phood is...umm... Thai phood ! Well, if you're already feeling hungry and wondering about the why's and the how's of Thai ph-food....Why not try it out yourself? Let 'Tamnak Thai' be your gateway to an authentic Thai experience. 'Cause it's just Thai, mere Bhai!

Address:Tamnak Thai,Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai 400 028.

Tel: 4474646 / 4474949

By: Kamakshi Vyas

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