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-------------------------------------- Alternate Medicine -------------------------------------

Nature: A powerful physician

A positive approach to good health through nature is the mission of the Ayurveda Kendra, which aims to rejuvenate both the body and mind.

Pizhichil therapyHoused in one of the quieter lanes of Juhu, the Ayurveda Kendra is replete with fragrant aromatic oils that fill your senses when you enter. The silence inside is welcoming, almost as if the therapy has already begun. Pristine and clean, this is the place to rejuvenate yourself and be one with nature.

"Nature is one of the most powerful physicians of the body and mind," says Dr Dhanya Umanath of Ayurveda Kendra. Ayurveda, the most natural medicinal science, not only heals but also preserves and rejuvenates inherent sources of energy.

Uzhichil ayurvedic massageThe centre established the first Ayurveda hospital in Delhi in 1990, which has a good track record in the treatment of all types of rheumatic ailments including arthritis, spondilitis, paralysis, polio, slipped disc and sciatica. The Kendra has offered relief to people suffering from diseases like respiratory disorders, diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, ulcer, stomach problems, infertility and obesity, to name a few. The treatment includes massages and oral medicines. Even people with no ailments can undergo these massages, which promote good health, improve memory, increase skin vitality, and make one mentally and physically fit.

Kizhi medicinal massageHealth cure programmes at the Kendra include:

Health promotion and rejuvenation: 3,5,7 and 9-day courses

Weight problems: 14, 21 and 28-day courses of massage and treatment with medicinal oils

Pre-delivery and post-delivery maternity care: Special massages and medicines for the mother to help her get back in shape and regain strength

Ayurvedic facepackHealth care for children: 7, 14, 21-day courses to help children grow up strong and cure them of asthma, indigestion, common cold, skin problems, loss of appetite and tiredness.

Skin and hair care: 5, 7, 9-day courses solve distressing skin problems like psoriasis or minor irritants like dry skin or oily skin. Problems such as hair loss, thinning of hair and dandruff are also effectively cured.

The various massage therapies offered are Pizhichil, Uzhichil, Dhara and Kizhies.

Pizhichil: Cure for all rheumatic ailments and allied manifestations like arthritis, paralysis, spondilitis, muscular dystrophy, motor neuron diseases, gout, sciatica, slipped disc, polio, post polio diseases, asthma and tuberculosis. Relieves stress, strain and tension and has a good effect on the muscles and nerves.

Uzhichil: Effective for health promotion and relaxation, it also improves blood circulation.

Dhara: Effective treatment for paralysis, sinusitis, sleeplessness, migraine, severe headaches, early stages of multiple sclerosis, retinal degeneration, diseases of the eyes, ears and face, etc.

Kizhies: This medicinal massage is effective for polio, rheumatic pains, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, paralysis, spondilitis, etc.

So, the next time you are in Juhu, stop by at the Ayurveda Kendra for a refreshing and relaxing massage or a nature cure face pack.

Ayurveda Kendra, Sagarsakti Building,
Gandhi Gram Road, Opposite ISKON (Hare Krishna Mandir),
Juhu, Mumbai - 400 049,

670 3717 / 670 5356

By: Anupama Vinayak


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