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Super-Speciality Hospitals

When one watches Chicago  Hope on Star World, the only word that describes the programme  and hospital is - AWESOME. Their ER, the quality of doctors and surgeons, the technical advancement the kind of machines makes one wonder, “ I wish we had these kind of facilities.” This wish has now been granted with super specialty hospitals with state-of-the art technology and scientific breakthroughs. The three such hospitals which provide such facilities are Lilavati  Hospital, Hinduja Hospital and Bombay Hospital.

Lilavati HospitalSays the Public Relations Officer at Lilavati Hospital, “ Lilavati hospital and research centre is a multi-super – specialty state of the art 300  bedded hospital. This hospital comprises diverse specialties and combines the talents of medical & surgical specialists,  highly trained nursing allied health technical and administrative personnel for more efficient  diagnosis and comprehensive  treatment. Physicians trained in traditional and new specialty fields will apply most recent discoveries in medicine to treat diseases. This will be ranging from those that are life threatening to those that impair the quality of life, never losing sight of the charitable philosophy of the hospital- to give gifts of health and joy of living to the underprivileged people of India. The Lilavati hospital plans to be one of the best medical facilities in India. It’s research centre is designed to attract some of the best researchers and clinicians from all over the world.”

Some of the areas in which they have state-of-the-art facilities are cardiology where cardiovascular patients receive care including open heart surgery, angioplasty, bypass surgery and treatment of valvular and congenital diseases  of the heart., centre for chest diseases, clinical team, centre for gastroenterology, centre for nephrology and urology, centre for orthopaedics, centre for neurology and neurosurgery, infertility centre and gynaecology, radiology department, nuclear medicine department and pathology department.

Health ServicesLilavati hospital provides preventive and therapeutic treatment for all types of chest and respiratory diseases. The hospital is proud to have one of the best ICU’s in the country. Patients with difficult and therapeutic problems are diagnosed and treated with the latest techniques by the best qualified physicians in the world. The hospital has the most ultra modern reverse osmosis water plant, a first for the city of Bombay.  At the hospital disabled patients having functionally limited movement due to orthopedic problems benefit from treatment that is based on studies in bone cell  biology and metabolism. The most modern surgical facilities with a well equipped theatre along with a six bedded Neuro ICU is the high point of the neuro-surgery department. Most complicated neurology cases  are treated here. Neurological investigations are carried out on EMG and EEG machines. Lilavati hospital provides most modern and advance techniques like W & Embryo transfer for the treatment of infertility. They also have state-of-the-art digital fluroscopy ( which is second of its kind in India & most advanced in the country).

Another facility the hospitals provide is a boon for the hearing impaired. Says the PRO, “The Cochlear Implant is a device which provides useful hearing sensations and improved communication ability for people who have a severe to profound  sensori-neural hearing loss in both ears. It is especially useful for people who receive little or no benefit from a hearing aid.”

Hinduja HospitalHinduja Hospital is the first to offer this programme in totality- right from evaluation to surgery, to complete rehabilitation- all under oneroof. Open from 8 am to 8 pm on all working days the clinic provides facilities for consultations with specialists , doctors in as many as 28 disciplines. It is further supported by way of sophisticated diagnostic and investigative facilities in the areas  of   cardiology, neurology, imaging and pathology.

Bombay Hospital has diagnostic departments- cardiology, invasive cath Lab Equipped with the-state-of-the- art biplane angiography unit ,a total of 2108 procedures were performed during the year under review, probably the highest performed by any unit in the country. The other category is Non Invasive-which includes Echo cardiography, Holter monitor, Stress, ECG etc.


-Dept of CT scanning and MRI

A new state-of-the-art CT scanner the Siemens Hi-Q was installed some time back. Recently a software upgradation has been carried out and newer techniques like 3-Dimensional C T Scan, HRCT of the lungs temporal bone CT, para –nasal  Sinus CT and Osteo CT were developed. During the year under review a total of 6429 scans were performed.

Lab Testing-DSA- The  Bombay hospital makes a commitment to help patients with neurological disorders. The programs integrate search and education with treatment. Comprehensive treatment is provided to patients suffering from Parkinsons disease and epilepsy. The most modern surgical facilities with a microscope and well equipped theatre along with a six bedded neuro ICU is the highpoint of the neurosurgerydepartment.

-Nuclear medicine

A nuclear medicine dept has been updated with the latest state-of-the-art GE STARCOM 3000 X CT Spect System providing  sophisticated investigations like cardiac perfusion studies with HMPAO renal functions(GFR) and Tomographic studies of the organs.


Gynaecological services are further strengthened with latest generation of endoscope. Most complicated gynaec surgery are performed by immenent gynecologist at Bombay Hospital.

-Radio Diagnosis

Tending to the PatientA new Siemens Klinograph S X _Ray unit has been installed in the general Radiology section. This unit incorporates a  micro processor controlled with high frequency generator with Sirecon   ITV with VCR attachment and spot device capable of serialography.

-         Uro Radiology & Vascular / Interventional radiology- doing commendable work both diagnostic and therapeutic.

-         Neuro radiology- the primary investigation facility in this field is the digital substraction  angiography unit.

-         Uro Dynamics, GI Endoscopy, Pulmonary function lab ,Human Genetics, Tissue Culture- The radiology department has routine X Ray ultrasonography spiral CT scan and laser prints of X rays having utmost clarity.

All these hospitals believe, “ A patient is the most important person in our hospital. He is not an interruption to our work, he is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our hospital he is a part of it. We are not doing him  a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by  giving us an opportunity to do so.”

Text by: Latika Sidana

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