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Innocare Products Pvt Ltd

A company devoted to manufacturing health care products, Innocare Products Pvt Ltd, established in 1996, was the brainchild of Sunil Seksaria. The company manufactures mini-trampolines for health and fitness, Stopinsect roller mosquito screens and deals in imported air cleaners.

Jumping trampolines: They can be used for high energy aerobics or for the sick / obese to stimulate the immune system and lymphatic drainage. Ten minutes of jogging on a rebounder is as beneficial as 30 minutes on the road, minus the jarring effect on your skeletal and nervous system. Rebounding is an exercise that reduces body fat, firms the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, increases agility, improves sense of balance, strengthens muscles, organs and skeletal systems. It provides an aerobic effect for your heart, rejuvenates the tired body and improves a person's condition of health and fitness.

The company supplies these trampolines to clubs, resorts, hotels, farm houses, bungalows, amusement parks and health clubs.

Roller mosquito screens: 'Stopinsect' roller mosquito screens are elegant window / door systems that not only block out mosquitoes but also have aesthetic appeal. The frames and rolls of the screen are made of strong aluminium . A specially developed spring loaded mechanism smoothly rolls the screen up and down with the touch of your hand. It has a screen locking facility and an in-built brush to clean the screen.

The screen is made of fibreglass and is non-corrosive, long lasting, stretch proof and offers excellent see through visibiltity. It can be installed directly on the walls, or the inside or outside, or on the window frame. The system is custom-made to individual window / door specifications.

Air cleaners: The company deals in Trion Electrostatic air cleaners manufactured by Trion Inc, USA. They are designed to efficiently and effectively remove indoor pollution. They attract and retain pollutants like powerful magnets. The company claims that 95% of air borne impurities that enter the unit are removed .

Innocare Products Pvt Ltd

Address: 428, Arun Chambers, Tadeo Road, Mumbai - 400 034
Phone: 496 2711, Fax: 496 2712




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