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Tawakkal portable steam baths

Portable steam baths Tawakkal Inc manufactures portable personal steam baths, which can be used while sitting in front of the television, chatting with friends or family or even while enjoying the cool breeze of your garden!

These personalised steam baths require no installation, plumbing or specialised electric hookups. The steam bath just has to be opened, inflated, and connected to an electric output. One can sit inside the bath, on the chair, zip up the bathtub and enjoy the benefits of steam and its remarkable aromatic therapies. This product uses steam at about 45 degree C, which stimulates circulation of blood, cleanses the skin, rejuvenates various organs and enhances metabolic activities.

The lower hole of the steam bath has to be connected with the pedal inflator and pumped till the bath tub is inflated. The evaporator has to be filled with cold or hot water till the regulated water level line. Then the evaporator has to be connected to the bath tub with the hose. A few drops of aromatic oils or scents may be added. Once the evaporator is switched on and the timer is set, it will take 3-5 mins for steam to be generated, after which it is ready for use. Recommended time for the steam bath is 20 to 40 minutes.

Shop No E-15, Rizvi Park, Off S V Road,
Santacruz West, Mumbai - 400 054,

610 3182 / 83,
616 2692

By : Anupama Vinayak





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