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BSH Home Applainces - Unparalleled Technology

BSH Home AppliancesBSH Home Appliances India Pvt Ltd is a 100 per cent subsidiary of BSH Bosch and Siemens Housergate GMBH, Germany, headquartered in Mumbai. It started its operations in October 1997. BSH entered the Indian market with an imported fully automatic washing machine, Siemens WM 1000. The company has got it's plans clearly worked out and expects the front-loading washing machine segment, which is its core area constituting 80 per cent of the turnover, to grow substantially in the country. The company also plans to stick to its focus area of home appliances and has no plans of branching out into consumer electronics.

The company has introduced the SE23200 dishwasher, which is an outstanding example of German technological wizardry. In these dishwashers a host of features work to clean out traces of grease, dried food particles and stains from pots, pans, cutlery and crockery leaving them clean and germ free.

Some of the features of the dishwasher are:

Aqua-stop: This protection system prevents any undue draining out of water, whether occurring in an inlet or drain pipe, or due to a defect in the appliance itself.

Built-in heater: This heater does not rust or get damaged, it also makes the dishwasher electrically and thermally safe.

Washing system: The spray arms used are straight and situated at the lower, middle and upper levels. This aids complete coverage of all parts of the compartment, ensuring that ever vessel is thoroughly cleaned.

BSH Home AppliancesWashing Settings: The Siemens dishwasher has 3 wash options using water at 65 degree C - Normal for delicate crockery, economy for less soiled and easy-to-clean utensils and intensive for tackling stubborn grease and burnt food stains.

Superior filter system: This filter system consists of coarse, fine and microfine filters. The new filter design aids self-cleaning, as all food particles pass out, ensuring they do not block the filter system. Larger particles collect in the holding channel in the coarse filter ensuring easy removability.

Salt dispenser: The salt dispenser pumps out salt during the wash. This dissolves lime present in the water, dissolving grease and leaving vessels gleaming.

Low rinse indicator: This prevents the formation of ugly water marks on the utensils after they have dried.

BSH Home Appliances,
C/o Siemens Training Center,
Mehta Industrial Estate,
1st Floor, M V Road,
Andheri East, Mumbai - 400 093.

Phone: 831 3845 / 46 / 47
Fax: 690 3321

By: Anupama Vinayak



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