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 Know your dishwasher 

DishwasherSiemens & BSH Home Appliances offers answers a few frequently asked questions on dishwashers, particularly Siemens.

Can a dishwasher clean larger pots and pans. A cooker, for instance?

Dishwashers mostly have 2 racks, in which the lower rack has plenty of space to fit in large vessels like cookers comfortably.

How effective is the Siemens dishwasher when it come to cleaning out dirt from under rims and out of hidden corners?

The Siemens dishwasher has strong jets of 65 degree C hot water and detergent, hitting utensils at high speed from 3 levels - upper, middle and lower. Besides this, a built-in salt dispenser lets out salt into the solution, cutting down on lime, making it easier for grease to dissolve. Even food hidden in hard to reach corners and under difficult to clean rims are not spared by the strong cleaning solution.

Can delicate crockery withstand the hi-pressure cleaning by dishwashers?

There are separate racks for stacking up plates, special racks for glasses and cups and cutlery racks, all designed to hold objects secure in place thus avoiding damage.

A lot of water is used in dishwashers. Is it more than that used by the maid?

On the face of it, 20 litres may seem a lot. But actually amounts to little over a bucket of water, per cycle. A maid uses atleast 10 times the amount a dishwasher would.

For further queries contact:

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Mehta Industrial Estate,
1st Floor, M V Road, Andheri East,
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By: Anupama Vinayak


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