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Hamilton & Co
Hamilton & Co - Best in silver products, since 1808

Hamilton & Co, a British Company was established in 1808 by Queen of England in Calcutta. Realising the resources of India in providing raw materials the Britishers, established this Company mainly for supplying Silver, Gold and other items to England. In that era, the company was catering to almost all the Prince and Princess of India. Within few years of establishment, Hamilton created a name for itself and till date, no one is at par with Hamilton as far as quality and designs of products are concerned.

In those days, all products were manufactured in house. Hamilton had their own specialised silversmiths and goldsmiths, to give a unique look to their products. Later on after the British Raj was gone, the Company was brought by the Jalan Family, who are based in Calcutta. As time passed, political disturbances, started raising heads in Calcutta. Considering the political scenario, Jalan household decided to shift to Bombay, which was then gradually transforming into the business hub of India.

Coming to Bombay, was like beginning from the scratch for the Jalan household, specially the gift and novelties business, which is solely handled by Rekha Jalan. She started this business as a hobby and today after few years of presence in the market. Today they are manufacturing beautiful gift items in Sterling Silver. They manufacture Mementos, Medals for Universities, Dinner sets and other articles and over the years they have list of almost all the big names in the industry, like Sheths, Ambanis, Goenkas, Birla, Duetsche Bank, Tata Memorial and many other institutions.

Venturing into manufacturing Silver articles in the year 1995 in Bombay, Hamilton and Co., continued producing the beautiful gift items in Sterling Silver. They use the best quality of silver for their products which are lab tested and approved. Presently the company operates only at Mumbai. They hold almost two exhibitions a year, during festive occasions. Commenting on their exhibitions, Rekha jalan, Proprietor, said, "Considering the market demand of our products in Hyderabad, we are planning to extend our exhibitions even to Hyderabad. Due to the unique character in our products, they are in demand in almost all parts of the country. We make sure that what we manufacture has a different touch to it. We use the purest form of silver, almost 92.95 %."

Here in Mumbai, all the products are manufactured in-house. The artists work for the company in part time aswell as full time basis, depending on the production. Though things have changed drastically over the years, starting from artists, local, and owner, but the quality and finish of the products of Hamilton & Co, passed all test of time, and still maintain its standard.




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