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Sleek tips for designing kitchen furniture

1. Storage of vegetables and market items should be close to the entrance of the kitchen. This facilitates placing of these items without disturbing the person cooking.

2. Storage of big utensils should be next to the sink to facilitate minimum movement while washing.

3. Grams, spices, rice, oil and flour should be stored on one side of the cooking range for convenience. Storage of utensils of regular use, like pressure cookers, serving spoons, etc on the other side of the cooking range, facilitates usage.

4. Place glass tray, plate tray and drip tray above the sink. Utensils can be placed on the tray without wiping them, so that the excess water will drip automatically.

5. Fix dustbin or bin holder on the shutter, mounted below your sink. You can also fix detergent pullout on the second shutter for keeping detergent and cleaning agents.

6. The use of a tall unit increases the storage capacity substantially. For the same floor space, the storage area is almost doubled as compared to the storage area of the base and wall unit combined.

7. Gas trolley, kitchen keeper, ladle cradle, right rack and wall shelf can be used for convenience.

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