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Silverline Wire Products Pvt LTD

Silverline Wire Products Pvt Ltd are pioneers in the manufacture of 'Sleek' kitchen accessories made from plastic coated wire. The company has developed various accessories to increase space utilisation and to store kitchen articles in a convenient manner.

More storage, less inconvenienceThe 'Sleek' range of drawer baskets are available in various sizes and shapes to keep plates, thalis, cutlery, cups and saucers in an organised way. Grain trolleys are pullout trolleys meant for heavy articles below the kitchen platform, which can be retrieved without bending. All the wire accessories are treated and zinc coated to ensure prevention from rust. The aluminium accessories are powder coated for elegance. Thick plastic sheets are used for manufacturing cutlery trays to ensure long life.

Wall attachable holderThe advantages of 'Sleek' accessories are: wire drawers are cheaper than wooden drawers and have flexibility of fabrication in different shapes,(which is not possible in wood) , drip-dry feature, easy to install and replaceable with minimum expense.

The company also markets shutters and cabinets of various sizes, colours and styles. Sleek has a dealer network all over India and is in the process of expanding its services to include the Middle East and other neighbouring countries.

Silverline Wire Products Pvt Ltd,

Address: 2 Kamdar Industrial Estate, Navghar,
Vasai Road East, Thane - 401 210
Phone: (0250) 344 077 / 338 464



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