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 Giriraj Enterprises’ Natural and Synthetic rubbers  

Natural and synthetic rubbersGiriraj Enterprises offers natural and synthetic rubbers and chemicals, which can be used in aero tyres, bottle caps, air mat, roll, lamp seal, gasket, steam hose, stopper, bumper, packings, tank linings, etc. Giriraj Enterprises has grown by leaps and bounds to emerge as a major force in the market, after being established by Harish Chandak in 1995. By optimum utilization of its in-depth knowledge of the market, Gririraj Enterprises ensures a personalised service on the scheduled delivery of its reasonably-priced products to the customers.

Giriraj Enterprises
offers natural rubber, which is available in different grades like RSS-1X, RSS-V, and ISNR-20.  

RSS-1X is used in tubes, aero tyres, bottle caps, etc. The adjacent picture illustrates RSS-1X.

RSS-V is used in tyre tubes, bushes, hoses, belts, tread and carcase, etc. The pictures of RSS-V are given below.

RSS-VGiriraj Enterprises also offers synthetic rubber, which is available in different grades like Nitrile, SBR-1502, Neoprene, Silicon, EPDM and Vition. Nitrile is used in packing, gaskets, hoses, rolls, shoe soles and for the purpose of oil resistance. SBR-1502 is used in tyre treads, footwear, hoses, conveyor belts and other mechanical goods. Neoprene is used in wires, cables, hoses, belts, sponges, linings, adhesive, rubber TW pads, etc. Silicon is used in seals, O-ring, rollers, keypads, gasket, milk tubing and other moulded parts. EPDM is used in air mat, roll, lamp seal, gasket, steam hose, stopper, bumper, packings, tank linings, etc. Vition is used in extrusions and moulding products.

RSS-VOther products of Giriraj Enterprises include the bonding agents like chemlock 220/205, polylock P/G, desmodar, which are used for rubber to metal bonding. All the products like natural or synthetic rubbers, etc, are available as per the requirement of the customers.

Harish Chandak, the Managing Director of Giriraj Enterprises said, “We can offer natural and synthetic rubbers and chemicals up to 500 kg and above to our customers, at a short notice. Our clients include ISO certified manufacturers from different fields like automobiles, beltings cables, linings, extruded rubber goods, footwear, foam-rubber products, tyre-tread tube, and surgical pharmaceutical goods.”


M/s Giriraj Rubbers Pvt Ltd,
# 2106/5, Brijwasi Industrial Estate,
I B Road, Goregaon (East),
Mumbai - 400 063.
Phone: 873 0254
Fax: 874 8434
E - mail:

By: Wasim Siddiqui




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