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 AIRIA - creating the platform for future developements 

All India Rubber Industries Association, AIRIA, was established before independence, on April 15, year 1945, inorder to protect the interest of the premature rubber market. To some extent the organisation succeded in lobbying for the industry, which was in its infancy.

Over the years, the organisation laid many milestones, by participating in conventions worldwide. AIRIA has hold many expositions to enhance trade and commerce in the country. In the year 2001, the organisation has decided to act as the venue for one of the greatest rubber exhibition in the world. Almost all the major players in the rubber industry are invitedfor the 3 day long mega event.

"The idea of holding the International Rubber Expo was conceived around 18 months back. In the beginning we headed with a very small concept of the exhibition. But as the date approached, more and more countries started showing interest in the show. We then decided to go for the event in major scale. Gradually sponsors started pouring in. And now, India Rubber Expo is turning to be one of Asia's lagest Expo, and first of its kind in India," revealed, Mehul Patel, AIRIA.

The four heads of AIRIA, Mehul Patel (top left), Ashok Patel (top right), Yogen Lathia (Sitting left ) and Anil Sampat (sitting right)At the AIRIA office, one can see the group of four people along with their subordinates and working hard, to give final touches to the approaching event. The group consist of Anil Sampat, Mehul Patel, Ashok Patel and Yogen Lathia. According to Anil Sampat, President AIRIA, "Our aim is to provide a platform to all different sectors of the industry, closely or remotely related to the rubber industry, to come together and chart a road map for the future. Today India has emerged as one of the major destination for investment in the global scenario. And what better could it be get all our global partners together and share our experiences, and remould ourself in the new industrial age, if necessary."

Around 15 countries are participating, and the list include giants like, China, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Europe, Russia, USA etc. The Association is expecting around 10000, delegates, exhibitors, visitors, etc, converging at Nehru Centre, making it a truly international experience. Commenting on the Chinese influence, Mehul Patel, Convenor, AIRIA, said, " This exhibitions also aim to educate our small scale indusrtialist, that though we are heading towards a major market loss, at the hands of China, but considering their product quality, we always have a chance to gain in the long. So their is no need to be panicy, the Indian market is here to grow. Today India stands fifth in the world in rubber consumption and fourth in production. Depending on the growth of auto industry, which consumes 75% rubber, we forsee a growth in the sector. But one is sure, India produces the best tyres in the world, maybe slightly over engineered"

The organistaion is also emphasising on the expansion of areas of rubber plantation. Generally, tropical conditions are required for rubber plantation, and the industry, is trying to plant rubber, on trial basis, in and around Maharashtra, like Khapoli and Konkan. The consumtion of natural rubber in the country which is around 800 thousand tonnes, is more in demand and production compared to synthetic rubber, due to low cost, that is one third of synthetic rubber.

Summing up the scenario in the rubber induatry and AIRIA's role in the growing market, Mehul added, " We are looking forwards to many joint ventures with the China and other countries. We are also hoping that the QR that have been introduced will help the industry grow. Today apart from Kerela, we are eying towards states like Tamilnadu, and Gujarat, as they seem to be a bit investor friendly. The industry which had grown at a rate of around 7 to 8% per annum, went down to 3 to 4 % perannum, due to economic disbalances. But if things move the way we wish, then we may witness a growth of 6 to 7 % per annum. "




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