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 Chhadva - a reliable name in battery 

Chhadva Battery is a 20 year old clearing house for Lead Acid (L.A for short) batteries. Chhadvas are one of the leading manufacturers of normal, maintenance free (M.F.) or Low Maintenance (L.M) batteries in India. Their specialty is in Maintenance Free Low Maintenance batteries, Tubular stationary batteries/ cells for regular and UPS applications.

The BatteryThis two decade old company is associated with L.A batteries who started as a distributor / dealer for India's prestigious battery company and they still are their clients. They diversified with their sister companies into manufacture of automotive ( 4 and two wheeler batteries) and there after into manufacture of M.F. batteries for UPS and similar stationary applications. Alongside they also manufacture and sell stationary standby batteries for regular and UPS applications using tubular positive plates.

With almost three factories in Bombay (Mumbai), Maharashtra State of India, Chhavda manufacture M. F. , L. M and normal stationary cells/ batteries of all types . They also provide initial charging facilities for the OEM suppliers of a leading L.A battery manufacturer in India.

Chhavda's are the manufacturer of various types of batteries and that list includes normal range like , Maintenance free rechargable stationery batteries, LIBRA brand 6 V 4 Ah to 12 V 35 Ah . Being a Customer oriented company, Chhadva has various types of other ranges that can also be made.The normal range of batteries manufactured by us (both normal and L.M types) are from 6 V 40 Ah to 6 V 240 Ah. For 12 V or more systems, required units can be connected in series.

The services the company provides to their clients are manifold. They undertake initial treatment ( initial charge etc) to clients batteries either at the site where the batteries are commissioned or at their factory, where they they have facilities to take care of over 10000 12 V auto batteries or its equivalent for other types. This can be done with the help of technical procedural data supplied by their clients or they can leave the procedure to them, since they have a vast store house of experience in this field.

They have arrangements to provide periodical maintenance of the client's batteries they at the site where they are located. Its the duty of the company to locate suppliers of raw material for battery making either locally or imported, which they do by conducting market survey on behalf of their client. At times even a big project report as required by the client as per the client's terms of reference is alos provided by the company.

Chhadva today act as agents in India for overseas suppliers and co-ordinate their activities in India. They are the databank for any commercial or technical queries of customers and supply them prompt answers to their queries or problems. This could be for e.g. The types of batteries sold in India or say Gulf a recipe or change in recipe to get the desired results during battery manufacture or various technical specifications adapted in different countries and the like. In case of offering technical guidance Chhadva is a name to rely on. different kinds of L.A batteries.

TEL.: +91-22-551 2573, 555 9663, 555 9666
FAX.: +91-22-5525657

By: Wasim Siddiqui

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