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 S. P. Automatics' Liquid Filling and Injectable machines  

Automatic labelling machineS. P. Automatics is universally acclaimed as a trend-setter in the realm of the pharmaceutical industry with its highly revolutionised liquid filling and injectable machines such as Ampul Sealing machine, Ampul and Vials washing machines. S. P. Automatics also offers bagging machines and sachet packers which help to optimise the gains from the FMCG and agricultuaral sector. S.P.Automatics products are carefully designed with an eye to every detail and are reckoned to be at par with European standards.

Bagging machineAmong S P Automatics' products are the fully automatic bagging machine which can be used for forming and filling bags from the reels of heat sealable laminate. Fitted with an auger unit, the machine will accurately dose powders free and non-free. It can flow granules, rice, beans, curries, coffee etc. The auger unit can be also swung away to one side which allows other items to be hand-fed. The bagging machine has accessible controls with one cycle operation. The control cam shaft can be disengaged to ensure accurate timings of operations. Large hinged panels help in maintenance and adjustments. All parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.

Spatomatic tray loaderS P Automatic's automatic labelling machine can be used for ampoules, vials, tablets tubes etc. The machine has a high out-put and a built-in printing mechanism. The containers are bulk fed into the hopper, from where the containers drop automatically by means of rotary feeding roller on to the containers chute for labelling. The label carrrying muster and the batch number printing block move in a synchronised circular movement.

Ultrasonic cleaning machineThe company's fully automatic machine for filling and closing of vials of round, flat and irregular shaped glass or PVC bottles can be used for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Filling is done with volumetric systems or under vaccum. Any type of liquid including corrosive ones and nail varnish can be handled on the machine which also facilitates the flushing of nitrogen or any another gas. The spatomatic filler can carry out any type of closure and handle change of parts like metal caps type pilferproof for antibiotics and infusion and also centre tear-off tab for products like plastic screw caps. The intermediate stations are used for application of rubber bungs, plastic stoppers, droppers with rubber teat, aluminium caps, nebulizers with plastic tubes. S P Automatics also offers automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for sterilization of various medical products like injection ampoules, vials and similar receptacles, spatomatic tray loader for loading different sizes of ampoules, vials and a sachet packer for producing different types of powder and granular sachets.

Sachet PackerNiranjan Saha, the owner of S.P.Automatics said, " The total scenario in the Indian pharmaceutical industries has changed. Previously, the liquid products like syrups, suspensions, and tonics were filled by bottles using the vacuum principle because of which the volume of liquid was inaccurate as prescribed in the bottle. S P Automatics eliminated the old technology and innovated the unique liquid filling machines by a positive displacement principle with the help of syringes which gives the exact volume as prescribed. We also make injectable machines like Ampoules Sealing machines, Ampoules, Vials, and washing machines with Ultrasonic Principles ".

He further added, "Our machines adhere to the highest standards and are completely cost-effective. We also undertake orders. To our credit, we made a complete line of bottle washing, bottle filling, and bottle capping machines for Hamdard Dawa Khana Company for their Ruhafza, Cinkona in Ghaziabad plant".

S P Automatics can take pride in its long list of prestigious clients like Bayer Limited, Cadila Laboratories, Central Researsh Institute, Glaxo Laboratories, Colgate-Palmolive(I), Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Geoffery Manners & Co(India) Ltd. Chemical Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories Limited(CIPLA) to name a few. S P Automatcics also regularly exports its products to Europe, America and the South-East Asian countries.

Address :
S. P. Automatics,
Sita Estate ,
Unit No. 5, 1st Floor, B-Wing,
Ghatkopar Mahul Road, Chembur,
Mumbai - 400 074.

Tel. : 555 3921 Fax : 556 6648

By: Wasim Siddiqui


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