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Sujan Group - A New Power in the Rubber Industry 

Various components offered by  Sujan GroupSujan Group has emerged as a new power in the rubber industry and it offers various components like engine mounts, silent blocks and dampers, etc. Sujan Group had started its manufacturing operations as a small entrepreneur in the rubber processing industry in 1970s. Over a period of 3 decades, Sujan Group has transcended all the barriers by its untiring efforts, dedication and perseverance. At the moment, Sujan Group stands parallel with the major leaders in compounding, moulding, and extruding of rubber products in India. Sujan Group operates through six separately constituted firms that ensures effective and smooth working within the framework of the Group.

Sujan Group offers products like engine mounts, which are rubber to metal bonded components and are used to support load, isolate vibration and absorb shocks. The mounts are specially designed for specific deflection under different loads or well defined load deflection graph and the spring constants which depends on intensity of vibration and the engine load.

Rubber rolls from SujanAmong the other products of Sujan Group includes the silent blocks and dampers. Silent blocks form a vital part of a suspension system; as they are used for articulation and ball joints, steering linkages, radius arms, angle joints, yokes, etc. Anti-vibration dampers are used to absorb vertical shocks and they also help to reduce wear and tear and noise. The multi-directional movement of the vehicle creates comprehensive and tensile stresses, which are taken care off, by the silent blocks. The vertical oscillating shocks of the body are absorbed by the dampers.

Sujan Group offers rubber rolls which are produced from various elastomers, with specific compounding techniques. Rubber rolls are used in different industries like paper, textiles, flexographic and office automation. Sujan Group also offers products like boots/bellows, dust covers, gaskets, seals and 'O' rings, extrusions, fuel tubes and hoses, ferrous and non-ferrous fasteners and general rubbers goods.

Sujan Group has a full-fledged laboratory, which embraces all stages of production, starting from the processing of raw material to the making of finished product. Ashok Sujan, the Chief Executive Officer, of the Sujan Group said, “To support our manufacturing operations, we have independent laboratories in three different locations like Navi Mumbai, Andheri and Vasai. Our components undergo a series of test like quality control, production inspection and audit, etc, which helps to make them defect-free.” To this effect, the three firms of Sujan Group, viz, Sujan Industries, Mega Rubber Technologies Ltd and Polyrub Extrusions (India), have been recommended for ISO 9002, OS 9000 and ISO 9002 certification respectively by RWTUV- Germany.

Engine mounts, bellows, hose pipes, silent blocks, valves and small fastenersBy absorbing new technologies, new polymers and constantly updating the techniques of production, Sujan Group offers optimum customer satisfaction. The fruitful experience gained over the years, has enabled Sujan Group, to become a global organisation. At the moment, Sujan Group exports engine mounts, bellows, hose pipes, silent blocks, valves, small fasteners and other miscellaneous products to USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, West Indies and the Gulf countries.


Sujan Group of Industries,

Mistry Industrial Complex,
M I D C,Crossroad A, Andheri (East),
Mumbai - 400 093.
Phone: 832 1769 / 836 6441
Fax: 836 7339
E - mail:

By: Wasim Siddiqui


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