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 Lazybag -- Beany Delights from Ritzyden 

Bean bags have come a long way, from being a fashion statement to becoming part and parcel of many a household. Bean bags today come in a wide range of designs. About ten years ago, Cecilia Pereira and her son started Ritzyden. Ritzyden manufactures Lazybag bean bags which are easy to use, comfortable and long lasting.

Having seen bean bags in the USA, the Pereiras decided to make bags out of a material known as leather-cloth, which is highly durable. Cecilia Pereria said, "The commonly used rexine for bean bags give way very easily. So we decided to use something tough . Since leather was an expensive proposition, we settled for leather-cloth." Bean bags mostly come in the shape of saucers which are broad based and very uncomfortable to sit on, especially for the elderly . That is one reason why Ritzyden decided to change the standard design and make bean bags that were upright. Bean bags definitely outdo sofas when it comes to luxury.

With limited man power, Ritzyden manages to manufacture some twenty to twenty five bags daily. The demand is very high. The bags are highly portable and can be carried around. They come in a variety of colours, shades textures and combinations of your choice. And more importantly, they are very easy to clean. The lazybags are priced between Rs.2000 to Rs.6000. So go ahead and laze on your crazy bean bag.

Cecilia Pereira, 35B,
St. Martin Road, 20 Mohamedi House,
Bandra, Mumbai-400 050,
641 2290/ 640 4103 / 651 0957

By: Sharmistha Chatterjee





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