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 Royal Enterprises presents El-Guard - safety of your valuables  

El-Guard safesRoyal Enterprises offers the unique El-Guard safe which is impregnable and operates at the press of buttons. El-Guard has two personal access codes which can store upto 14 digits each. These codes are stored in the memory of El-Guard and cannot be tampered with or damaged even by weak or dead batteries. If someone tries to break-open the safe, there will be an alarm sound after 3 consecutive wrong codes, and then after each wrong code as the alarm automatically stops after 3 minutes.

El-Guard safesThe alarm indicates that someone has forcefully tried to open the safe. You can guard your valuables like cash, jewellery, documents, share certificates, floppies, films, etc in an El-Guard safe. In addition to diamond merchants, jewellers, share brokers, El-Guard can be used in offices, hotels, banks, petrol pumps, and other frequent cash collection centres. It also offers several options such as colour and size of the safe, epoxy powder coated dual shades (grey or beige) for the bEl-Guard safesody and a door detachable shelf, mechanical keys and drawer.

El-Guard comes with features like user code upto 14 digits, master code upto 14 digits, override via master code, close manual locking, and key sound and alarm. There is also an internal battery of 4 x 1.5 V 'D' size and an external battery of 4 x 1.5 V 'D' size. There is also a user/master code memory facility.

El-Guard safes

Samir Shah, the proprietor of M/s. Royal Enterprises said, “ El-Guard comes with the latest microcomputer technology and can withstand the worst of attacks. It is ideal for guarding valubles. Once you have locked it, even our designers cannot open it”.

M/s. Royal Enterprises, C/68, Siddhi Apartment,
A.C (X) Road, Kandivali (East),
Mumbai - 400101.

Tel. : 8011629, 887 6614
: 887 2559

By: Wasim Siddiqui


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