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Security Vision

Security Vision: Meets all your security needs

Security Vision, a well-established name in the security systems industry is involved in three interrelated businesses: sourcing, distribution and systems integration.

Shashank Patil, the man behind Security Vision"We are not selling products alone, but a combination of services and products. The services include conceptualisation of the system, surveying, installing, commissioning and after sales service." So says Shashank Patil, proprietor of Security Vision. The company, established in the year 1993-94 is involved in three interrelated businesses: sourcing, distribution and systems integration, with the common objective of delivering quality security systems to the client.

Sourcing: The company regularly accesses the lowest cost-highest value security equipment worldwide. Security Vision has built up significant capabilities in the area through the following: actively participating in numerous exhibitions and seminars held worldwide to keep track of the latest products, developing an extensive database of CCTV, access controls, intruder alarms and other security related products and vendors in Europe, US, Japan and other countries.

Distribution: It has been able to create a strong distributor network that can blend with its sourcing activities and also act as a means of identifying new needs in the Indian market. The company has created a direct sales network with after sales services all over India. To maintain a continuous flow of products to their direct sales, distributors and influencing networks, Security Vision acts as agents and distributors for firms like Watec Co Ltd, Japan, PPC, Japan, Dedicated Micros,UK, Xetron,USA and Menvier,UK.

Systems Integration: The company has set up complex systems for large unusual projects. This includes large security and surveillance systems, using CCTV in newer applications like image processing and factory automation, or sensitive applications like medical diagnostic and surgical equipment.

"Ninety per cent of our security devices are imported, since it is impractical to manufacture in India given the high costs and the infrastructural requirements," says Patil, an entrepreneur in every sense of the word.

By: Anupama Vinayak
Photographs: Vinayak Prabhu