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  Tata Honeywell electronic security systems  

Signalling devicesFirst Direct Marketing Ltd, offers highly sophisticated Electronic Security Systems which ensure complete safety against intrusion, fire and medical emergencies. Manufactured by Tata Honeywell, the Electronic Security System is equipped with modern and scientific devices like a control panel, sensors, and signalling devices. It can be used in offices, residential complexes and industrial units.

First Direct Marketing presents Tata Honeywell electronic security system which consists of -

Smoke alarmThe control panel. The micro-controller based control panel works like an electronic brain with all the sensors and signalling devices connected to it. Once the sensors are activated, it alerts the signalling devices. The control panel can also work in case of a power failure or even if someone tries to cut the wire or attempts to tamper with it. They are available in simple key switch and advanced programmable keypad options.

Security Alarm Sensors. The sensors can detect any intruder's movements like forced openings of doors and windows, breaking of glass or LPG gas leakage, smoke and fire. Magnetic contact sensors are devices that help to protect doors, windows and shutters. A signal is immediately sent to the Control Panel, if the intruder attempts to force himself into the room. Glass-break detectors can detect the actual signal pattern of breaking glass while PIR and dual tech motion detectors sense the body heat and vibrations of the intruder's movement which enables them to trigger the control panel to raise an alarm. If the alarm does not respond, the signal is sent immediately to the control panel which raises an alarm. Smoke detectors operate on either ionization or photoelectric technology. Panic switches can be manually operated against intrusion, fire alarm or gas leak emergencies.

Signaling Devices. They can send high decibel alarms from hooters, sirens or flashing strobe lights. If there is an alarm, the auto dialer will call up four different telephone numbers of your choice in sequence and give your prerecorded message with the facility of repeating the cycle up to 50 times.

Central Monitoring Service. In addition to monitoring your security system, CMS can also procure timely help by contacting its response team, which is trained to handle intrusions, fire, and medical emergencies and also the other requisite bodies like police, fire brigade, or ambulance in the hour of emergency.

Ashok Singh, the managing director of First Direct Marketing Ltd said, “The control panel is the brain of the unit. It also takes necessary action, if the situation is beyond the ambit of the sensors. The sensors are basically the sensing devices which can detect anything, for example the gas-leakage-detectors can detect leakage of gases or the glass-break-detectors can sense the breakage of glass." He further added, “First Direct Marketing is an eleven year old company. Our clients include such prestigious names as Raheja builders and Evershine builders.”

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Mumbai - 400 025.

Tel: 430 0516 / 1694

By: Wasim Siddiqui


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