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Monsoon's Colourful Accesories

Dry and comfortableMumbai has just two seasons, the summer and the monsoons. Throughout the year the temperature and the season varies little requiring little change in wardrobe. The monsoons are the only time in the year when one has to dress for the season in the attempt to remain dry and to continue looking presentable even while dripping with water.

Clothes that get drenched while you are travelling and are absolutely dry by the time you reach your destination. Though most of us do not revamp our wardrobe all of us have a number of clothes that we keep for those rainy days. But what we do regularly revamp is our raingear.

Today one need not look as grey as the day is. One has a wide variety of sizes and colours available. Raingear is one of constantly growing industries. The umbrella industry in the country has a turnover of around Rs. 600 crore. Not only is there a wide range of umbrellas available today, raincoats either ankle length or calf length, jackets or windcheaters which reach upto the thigh or a pant suit which has a jacket and a trouser are options for the choosy and fashion conscious or somebody who simply has different needs.

But umbrellas continue to reign supreme.Umbrellas are available in kids, ladies and gents sizes and come in single, double and triple folding types. They come in opaque and transparent colours. The transparent ones allow you to see and feel the rain, to enjoy the rain while allowing one to remain dry. The range of prints available are mindboggling from flowers to geometric and psychedelic for the adults and cartoons for children. Sun, Stag and Highland, both brands of Indian origin, continue to among the best-selling ones year after year. These umbrellas are available at a price range beginning from Rs. 175 to Rs. 650. A number of imported umbrellas of slightly better quality and a little more expensive are also available. The umbrellas areSpecially for the kids available at most local shopping centres as well as branded stores like Bombay Stores, Asiatic, Akbarallys, Shoppers Stop, Premsons and Amarsons.

Duckback, Top in Town and Relief are some well known brands of raincoats. Though one tends to pick up raincoats for children and go in for an umbrella for oneself, it is advisable to check out the range that is available as they not only provide complete cover but they also look good. Raincoats are available with and without hoods and in colours ranging from pastel to bright attractive colours. Transparent see through raincoats are another attractive option, which allow you to remain dry while appearing crisp and smart.

Another option for all of you who live in trousers is the pant suit which is a jacket and pant set which can be worn over your clothes and is specially comfortable on a two wheeler. This is available in unisex and generally available in dark colours like blue and brown. The prices range from Rs. 200 to about Rs. 800 and all also available in most shopping centres as well as branded stores. Duckback has its own outlet at Fountain.

RaingearAnother hot favourite with guys and some women is the ubiquitous windcheater, tied around the waist when it is dry and worn zippered up when it is raining. The windcheater is for the people who believe the secret to beating a cold is keeping the chest dry. The prices range from Rs. 350 to Rs.900. Windcheaters of mediocre quality are available on the streets too but it is preferable to pick them up from branded stores where one can pick up quality and classy stuff.

Keeping one dry has ceased to be the only function of rainwear. Today it has become a statement of sorts. It has become an extension of one's personal style and a reflection of fashion trends.

By :Supriya Rathod

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