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 Comet Media Foundation 

At a briefingComet Media Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Their trajectory is creating awareness. Awareness about all the spheres of development, science and technology. And this they achieve by using appropriate forms of media. A whole database of information is collected in a resource centre, which is made accessible to all. Conducting issue-specific and skill-enhancing workshops, meetings and seminars are also on their agenda.

Comet Media Foundation was formed in the year 1985. A group of enthusiastic individuals got together to produce a series of films on the history of science and technology specific to the Indian subcontinent. Produced by the Government of India, they went on to make an award winning television series called 'Bharat Ki Chaap'. It was the periodic appearance of the Halley's Comet A painting competition organized by  Comet Media Foundation which inspired them to call themselves the Comet Project. They later registered themselves as the Comet Media Foundation - a non-government organization. They aim at covering all the spheres of development-related issues; the choices that are available in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

The kind of work they have done so far...

The formation of a resource center, which collects published material and conducts training programmes on various innovative learning methods. It seeks to provide an open forum for discussion on development issues, and provides its members the opportunity to view films on these subjects.

Comet Media Foundation also has its list of publications. They are actively involved in the organization of fairs, photo exhibitions, seminars, workshops and many such activities on a regular basis. One of their upcoming events is Bal Vividha. Vividha is an annual series of fairs. It has been an ongoing event Here, let me help yousince 1997. It is to be held in November this year.

Comet Media Foundation has produced a number of films on various subjects like the history of science and technology in the Indian subcontinent, alternative learning methods, women's movements and how media is used to support development work in communities. Bharat Ki Chaap, a television series was awarded the Prix Jules Verne, an international prize for science communication, by the Government of France in 1989; Another Way of Learning, was awarded Rajat Kamal, the National Award for the best Scientific Film in 1995. It also bagged a first prize in the Education Category at the International Festival of Videos on Science, Development and Society, Trivandrum 1995; There's more to School...was selected as part of the Indian Panorama 1995 - a selection of films made by the Government of India to represent the country in international film festivals and other cultural gatherings; Our School is a Happy Place was awarded Third prize in the Education Category at the International Festival of Videos on Science, Development and Society, Trivandrum. 1995; AVEHI - Empowering People Through Media participated in the North-South Encounter FilmWith  school children Festival, Geneva, Switzerland 1999.

An organization unique by its aim, different in its approach, the Comet Media Foundation is one of its kind. The board includes personalities from various spheres of society - Hemu Adhikari - scientist & theatre person; Sharit Bhowmik - sociologist; Nirmalendru Jajodia - business executive; K. P. Jayashankar - film maker & media research; Maithreyi Krishnaraj - researcher in women's studies; Swatija Manorama - researcher in women health; Chandita Mukhrejee - film maker; Smriti Nevetia - film maker; P.V. Paranjpe - researcher & science movement activist.

Working togetherYou could be part of any of their projects by simply approaching the organization..You could also make a difference with your donations and financial and technical suppport. These donations would be exempt of tax as under the Societies Act of 1860.

Comet Media Foundation,
Topiwalla Lane, Lamington Road,
Mumbai 400 007

Tel: 386 9052

By : Kamakshi Vyas

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