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Home Facts
1. No Deviation. No Violation. No Demolition.
2. Divided opinions on Undivided shares - Proportionate division of UDS.
3. Know your Terrace rights.
4. Soil Test and Water Test are a must.
5. Open Car Park comes free of cost.
6. Stepping Beyond Square feet - Detailed area statement.
7. Be Cautious of your "Home Loan" - Pre - EMI payment.
8. Transparency in Documentation.
9. Uniform Agreement Clauses for all buyers in a Project.
10. Payment Schedule to match with Work-in-Progress.
11. Delay in Project should be compensated.
12. Project Floor Plans to match with CMDA approved drawings.
13. Structural design in compliance with Soil test report
14. Emphasis on Open Space / Children Play Area / Landscape Area.
15. Association membership clause should be an integral part of the agreement.
16. Apartment maintenance to be charged Pro- Rata as per apartment area.
17. Register before the Financial Year & save on Stamp Duty.
18. Defect liability period for the first year lies with the Builder.
19. Common areas are common for all.
20. Everyone is bound by the agreement clause.
21. Original title deeds to be available for inspection.
22. Demolition of existing building to be approved by local authority / necessary permits to be obtained.
23. Obtain last payment receipts for statutory liabilities.
24. Obtaining statutory certificates is a statutory.
25. After sales services support from builder.

(The above Home Facts are solely the view points of the
Management Team of Akshaya Homes)