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Modern Living Room Lighting Designs

Living room lighting is where you can use your imagination to the maximum. You can use a variety of ideas to give a different look to the different corners of the living room. The living room can get a complete makeover if one uses the right choice of the lights. A room can look big or small or can give you a tall feeling by using different type of lights. Make the best use of the natural light in the day time. One should make sure that he creates a homely atmosphere by using good living room lighting fixtures as over lighting may spoil the pleasing look of the living room.

You may consider following factors after the selection of lighting fixtures of the living room:-

  • Always use an energy efficient lamp as this would help you save a lot on your monthly electricity bills. These devices are atmosphere friendly and provide the same amount of light as our other bulbs and tube lights.

  • From the day one of the construction of your home, you should keep a place for the living room lighting fixtures as this would play a major role in finalizing your living room. If any time any of the lighting fixtures gets into non working mode, you can immediately change the defected piece. All the replacement can be done by your own and would not require any professional electrician.
  • Lighting determines the temperature of room your to some extent. For example if an indirect source of lighting is thrown on the ceiling, it will enable spreading of the light and will also keep the heating effect limited to the roof only. This small activity will help you keep your room cool in summers. LEDs also provide a better alternate to it as it consumes less power and comes in many colures.

  • Living room ceiling lighting helps in providing a great change to the proportions of the living room. Installation of small things to the living room can always make a huge difference. If anyone wishes to make his small living room look big and vice versa. We recommend you to install the lighting fixtures on the wall and change the direction of the fixture towards the ceiling. If you use end to end lighting this would make the living room appear longer. Make sure you use the right living room lighting fixtures as better quality product always tend to deliver better.
  • Highlighting the things in your living room is an important task. You can put a small lamp on the painting to seek attention of your guests. A billiards table in the corner of living room can be a great idea too. One can hang 2-3 lighting fixtures from the ceiling which would illuminate the pool table completely.

  • If you love to read books, magazines and novels etc in a lazy boy style you can try putting a small lamp on the side to provide sufficient light to read. Planting inside a living room can be a passion for someone and some consider this a mess. To the plant lovers we recommend to put a floor lamp behind the plants that would provide an exotic look. If you have a mini bar use a few small lamps hanging from the wall pointing towards the table.

  • Controlling the lighting system from a central board or with the help of individual dimmers would depend on one's choice. The designing of the living room entirely depends on an individual's imagination and the amount of experimentation one wishes to add.